Australian activist arrested with 15 locals at Lynas protest


More than a 1000 people converged on the Lynas Corporations Advanced Material Plant (LAMP) in Kuantan Malaysia today, to send a strong message to the company to shut down its operations.

During the peaceful protest sixteen people were arrested, two activists were met with police force and were beaten, one remains in ICU in Kuantan hospital.

Australian resident and International mining campaigner Natalie Lowrey was also one of the arrestees. She has been held without being able to see a lawyer and may face deportation.  On one allowed phone call from her cell she stated;

I was arrested with a housewife, a chef, Veterinarian, Businessman, a retiree and ten others, these people are everyday people that have families in Kuantan are concerned about their future generations. This type of toxic industry does destroy lives, as seen by Asian Rare Earths refinery in Bukit Merah

Lowrey went on to say local people have every right to be worried about their family’s health and their local environment, Malaysian lives are just as important as Australians.



Tully McIntyre rare earth campaigner said; The strong resistance against this plant will continue until Lynas closes it doors and leaves the country. Community consultation is key. The LAMP will generate radioactive waste from thorium and acidic waste streams, one of the biggest concerns is this Australian company still doesn’t have a waste management plan.

This type of action sees global community building against unwanted corporations, ASIC should be ashamed to be endorsing companies that operate with no social license and fall back funds, especially when they are bordering on insolvency.

Lynas Corporation should take the opportunity to follow its investors and pull out now.



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