Australian women visit LAMP in Malaysia

622 Base camp

Our first day in Kuantan we visited the Gebeng industrial area where Himpunan Hijau have set up their base camp for the Shut down Lynas action planned for this Sunday the 22nd coined 622. The camp itself is set up with shipping container campaign offices and a stockpile of tyres, ready for potential use. The base camp location is quite strategic as it’s on the only transport route from the Port in the Gebeng Industrial area to the Lynas advanced material plant,  which is located 10km away. , photo4


Driving away from the industrial area and the port, you begin to drive back through the mangrove forest area. There’s a turn off to the right it’s the way into the plant, after parking out the front we were approached by employees asking what we were doing at the plant. We requested to have a tour of the refinery. The staff we spoke to refused to provide contact details of whom we could talk to in public relations to organize such a visit or just speak to someone in general. Instead we were asked continually to leave for no given reason and in some way it all seemed like a bit of light hearted banter.

2014-06-16 17.53.08-1


Lynas Corporation still continues their deceptive marketing campaign to promote a perfectly safe rare earth refinery that is so called ‘zero harm’ and ‘zero waste’. No rare earth refinery in the world promotes such clean operations or would deny the risks associated with the mining and refining of rare earths. Radiation is something you can’t smell, taste or see. One worker stated the plant was very safe, as he pointed to his steel cap boots, safety goggles and hard hat, which of course is compulsory on every work site in Australia and should be throughout the world. The plant is extremely massive and the largest outside of China, there are three seperate entry gates with tailings dams at the end of the road where it boards back on to the natural untouched environment.


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