Free Natalie Lowrey

Natalie was released on bail without charge in the evening of Friday 27th June after 6 days in detention.  Thank you to everyone for all the support.

Video Statement of Thanks:

Statement of Thanks: Statement by Natalie Lowrey


Greens Senator, Lee Rhiannon and Stop Lynas Inc. campaigner, Natalie Lowrey hand over Eviction Notice from 1.2 Million Malaysians to Lynas Corporation



“We believe Malaysian lives are just as valuable as Australians.”
~ Natalie Lowrey, Australian environmental campaigner

Natalie was in Malaysia at a peaceful protest against Lynas Corporation, an Australian company that has been processing a rare earth ore from its Western Australian mine containing radioactive thorium and uranium in Kuantan, Malaysia. The refinery was constructed with no public consultation, no social impact assessment and no detailed environmental assessment, all of which would be mandatory in Australia. It will potentially impose millions of tonnes of toxic waste on the local community.

She was arrested along with a number of local protesters, most had never been involved in a protest before. The locals were released on bail, yet Natalie remains in a crowded concrete cell. Media reported she risks 2 years jail.

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