Lynas CEO told shareholders that it is only a ‘fringe group’ opposed to the LAMP – take another look Mr. Curtis!

A couple of days after a delegation of 19 self-funded Malaysians from Save Malaysia! Stop Lynas! were on tour in Australia protesting Lynas Annual General Meeting another big action was taking place in Malaysia. On 25 November over 20,000 people joined a small group of protesters on their final leg of a 300 kilometre walk (The Green Walk) to Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur protesting against Lynas Corporation and the development of the Lynas Advanced Material Plant.

Despite this mass movement against Lynas in Malaysia, Lynas CEO, Nick Curtis said to shareholders at the annual general meeting that it was only a ‘fringe group’. This is very misleading for people who are investing in Lynas as clearly the movement in Malaysia against them is huge and growing!




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