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Thursday 27 November 2014
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Invite to a Funeral – R.I.P LYNA$

WHERE: Sydney Sofitel Wentworth Hotel, 61-101 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW

WHEN: From 9:00AM, Friday 28 November 2014

WHY: A delegation of 16 Malaysians from Save Malaysia! Stop Lynas! have traveled to Sydney to attend and protest outside Lynas Corporations Annual General Meeting. They will be joined by concerned Australians and members of the Australian based group Stop Lynas Inc. in a funeral procession as Lynas shares hit an all time low of 0.06c

Natalie Lowrey, spokesperson for Australia-based Stop Lynas Inc said, “Malaysians first learnt from a New York Times article in March 2011[1] that the world’s largest rare earth processing plant was under construction in an industrial estate very close to the Kuantan Port, several kilometres from the South China Sea. The Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) was constructed quietly with no community consultation as a result the opposition to Lynas has become the largest environmental campaign in Malaysian history.”

International environmental and human rights NGOs have came forward to demonstrate their strongest objections against the Lynas toxic plant. On August 28th 2014, Greenpeace launched a report Lynas: A Radioactive Ruse[2] and Stop Lynas Inc. released a paper criticising Lynas Corporation for not sufficiently addressing its obligations to operate with a social licence in Malaysia[3]. In September 2014, Friends of the Earth International sent an international delegation to Malaysia to conduct an in-depth study on the LAMP with a focus on the judicial repression of environmental and community activists[4].

“Lynas shares are at an all time low.”, continued Ms Lowrey. “Opposition continues to grow in Malaysia and internationally calling for Lynas to shutdown it’s toxic and radioactive rare earth refinery. Inside and outside the Lynas AGM we will be calling on all shareholders to consider divesting from Lynas before it is too late.”

For more information: Natalie Lowrey, Stop Lynas Inc. 0421 226 200, natalie.lowrey[at]

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