Opposition in Malaysia

Who is opposing the LAMP in Malaysia?

Thousands of people in Malaysia are opposed to a Lynas’ rare earth refinery in Kuantan. Thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest in Malaysia and delegations of Malaysians have made the journey to Sydney, Canberra and Perth to speak to politicians, the media, health professionals, unionists, environmentalists, students and the Australian community. Over 35,000 people have joined the facebook page to oppose Lynas and their Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP)!

Groups like Save Malaysia! Stop Lynas! and BADAR are made up of mums, dads, teachers, engineers and everyday people from diverse racial and religious backgrounds. They have valid questions as to why Lynas can’t build the refinery back in Australia and they have very little faith in their own governments’ ability to regulate and monitor the tonnes of hazardous and radioactive waste that would be created if the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) is approved.

There has also been a lot of media attention on the protests and opposition to the LAMP in Malaysia.

Living in Australia we have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters in Malaysia to stop Lynas from going ahead with a project that will inevitably be an economic, human rights and environmental disaster. We must not allow this sort of corporate impunity to take place in other countries by Australian corporations.

We can do something to Stop Lynas just like our friends in Malaysia are!


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